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Construction Specialties Louvers Sunshades and Grilles

Creating Products that make buildings better
The ultimate articulation of CS decision to the architect’s quest for brilliant and innovative, yet practical and sustainable architecture.   It is also a meaningful demonstration of Construction Specialties’ proud history of responsiveness to both the change and challenges of emerging technologies.  Most of all, CS’s tagline is a vivid affirmation of our culture of collaboration, and our unmatched, 60-year dedication to the commercial building community.  CS’s tagline also portrays their brand’s personality, a blend of category leadership, manufacturing excellence and superior service.

Before Thomas Edison, the process of inventing was a solitary pursuit.  Edison, the world’s most prolific inventor, also invented the modern process for inventing.  He brought together the best minds he could find to work as a team to help develop and refine each other’s ideas.   They would work diligently, never letting failure stop them from achieving their goals.   That spirit lives on at CS.   Their talented designers and engineers not only work together, but also with architects and builders to help refine their good ideas.  This culture of collaboration™ has led to many breakthroughs.  Construction Specialties holds over 350 patents worldwide.  Let’s work together to make buildings better.

Airflow function—design freedom

Ventilation isn’t a restriction. It’s an opportunity. CS architectural air louvers let architects do what they’ve always wanted to: defy traditional airflow design conventions to achieve their true vision—without sacrificing performance.  Ask us about custom powder coated finishes, Bold Line extended blades, FEMA rated louvers.

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Customize your cool.

With Construction Specialties’ Sun Controls, Sun Shades and Daylight Systems, your design can take on intricate patterns, sleek textures, vivid colors and even LED lighting—all while promoting lower energy costs and reduced glare, and allowing filtered light to enter interiors and occupants to see out.

Choose the right Sun Controls from of a variety of blades, outriggers, fascias and mounting options. Orient Sun Controls horizontally or vertically. Finish them with a variety of powder-coat finishes or add a flourish with LED lighting. With CS Sun Controls, your daylight management solution is truly yours.

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Let the colors, shapes and textures of Architectural Grilles and Vision Barriers inspire your next design.

Architectural Grilles and Vision Barriers by CS have been capturing the imaginations of architects by adding depth and dimension to buildings for more than 50 years.  No matter what you are trying to enclose or conceal, from parking garage to rooftop mechanical equipment, CS Grilles has you covered.

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APC Dayliter Fire + Smoke Vents are the safest way to protect the building’s occupants–and firefighters.

One of the first things firefighters do when they arrive at a fire is cut holes in the roof, a process that is dangerous and time consuming.  APC smoke vents automatically open to vent toxic smoke and gases, reduce lateral fire spread, reduce flashback and lower the building’s internal temperature.  With APC Dayliter Fire + Smoke Vents, firemen can locate the fire quickly and get into the building faster to attack the firebase directly.

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Are you sure your explosion vents will work?

Many blow-out explosion and pressure relief panel systems are larger or heavier than NFPA 68 recommends for maximum performance. And since these vent systems depend solely on proper field installation, they could be extremely unreliable. CS Explovent is the only field testable explosion and pressure relief vent system. With other vent systems, you won’t know until there’s an explosion.

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